In searching our archives from the past 10 or dozen years for photos of two prominent community members, we had very little luck.

That’s a testament to just how little Paula Mayo and Jim Powers were concerned about the spotlight.

Granted, there’s nothing wrong with appearing in newspaper photos — that’s not the point at all.

The point is Mayo and Powers left a huge mark on Ashland because they stayed selflessly motivated to serve the community.

Both are massive losses in our city.

Mayo’s impact with the Ashland Alliance was immeasurable, but one constant reminder are the lights that bring extra cheer to the holiday season every year — Mayo became synonymous with the Winter Wonderland of Lights. Last year’s Christmas parade featured Mayo as the Grand Marshal.

Mayo was a mentor to many, greatly influencing countless Ashlanders along the way.

Powers was a history buff who was known for his work in the local library, specifically the genealogy department. He cared about Ashland and the people who had deep roots here.

Highlands Museum’s Carol Allen said Powers “was probably Ashland’s greatest historian ever.” She’s probably right.

Both Mayo and Powers had infectious passion for this area. May we make a vow to pick up that passion and let it drive Ashland forward.

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