The Ashland City Commissioners’ meeting Thursday sounded like a local production of Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors,” as confusion abounded as to a future name for the beautiful Port of Ashland.

The plan was for the commission to vote on a name for the port, but questions ensued, including whether there would be separate parks with separate names or whether the entire port would be renamed; what would separate the parks; can the Port of Ashland really be renamed.

It turns out the name of the entire area is Port of Ashland, according to nautical maps, and that nautical designation won’t change, as it is controlled by the U.S. Coast Guard.

We like the idea of calling the area by a name using the Poage reference, and we’d like for the area to have a jazzier name than “Port of Ashland.” But dividing the area into two parks with two separate names is confusing, as evidenced by the commission’s befuddlement during Thursday’s meeting.

In fact, there will be three names for the same area: The eastern portion of Riverfront Park will be “The Port of Ashland;” the western portion will be “Poage Landing Park;” but the name for nautical purposes is still the Port of Ashland.

Perhaps Ashland could use the parks as a marketing ploy: “Have your picture taken with your feet in two different parks.”

We predict either residents will continue to call it Port of Ashland, Riverfront Park, or simply the riverfront, or one or the other new names will catch on. Whatever you call it, Port of Ashland is a lovely destination we are sure will continue to be enjoyed, regardless of its name.

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