Fiscal court meetings have never been so popular.

In northeastern Kentucky, Lewis, Carter and, most recently, Boyd counties have passed resolutions to become Second Amendment sanctuaries.

The people are making their voices heard loud and clear. They are standing up for their Second Amendment rights.

The movement has picked up serious steam, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

Just last week, only 14 counties had adopted the resolution. According to Kentucky United, efforts to pass similar resolutions are under way in 50-plus counties.

While the language of each resolution differs, they virtually all declare unyielding support for the Second Amendment. This will create a situation in which each county’s local law enforcement will have the control to refuse or enforce any state or federal gun control legislation.

Citizens have shown overwhelming support for this movement. Is there a chance Kentucky could become like Alaska, Idaho, Kansas and Wyoming? Those four states are completely full of sanctuary counties, essentially, as a result of state laws approved during the Barack Obama presidency.

Perhaps not all 120 counties will hop on board.

Even if you disagree with the movement, here’s one common thing visible across every county that has adopted this resolution, at least at these meetings: Unity.

Concerned citizens have banded together and attended fiscal court meetings in droves.

So, if nothing else, this movement has brought communities together.

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