Just when one might have thought COVID-19 was running out of variants, the latest one is the most relentless of all.

Omicron may not be as lethal as some of the previous variants, but it’s still dangerous — and apparently unprecedented permeation accompanies it. In other words, it spreads like wildfire.

National and local medical experts have weighed in, and while guidelines are ever-changing due to the mysterious and unpredictable nature of the monster, the message is steady and clear: Get vaccinated, get boosted, mask up when appropriate (indoors and/or in a crowd), social-distance and practice good hygiene.

Today’s edition includes alarming numbers — 520 cases over the past week in Boyd County alone — and a PSA from four King’s Daughters doctors who have stayed on top of everything coronavirus since the onset of the pandemic. Also, the latest guidelines from the CDC, relayed by Team Kentucky, are in today’s newspaper.

To our readers: Stay informed and stay diligent. Although this current wave of COVID-19 is frustrating and concerning, it’s not insurmountable if everyone is responsible in the fight against this horrible virus.

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