Gov. Andy Beshear on Monday announced he would not overturn a decision made by the KHSAA’s board to start the high school fall sports season in early September.

On Tuesday, a member of a local high school’s football program’s coaching staff tested positive for COVID-19.

This is life in 2020.

Now, Lawrence County has shut down practice for two weeks. That means, when the Bulldogs resume practice on Sept. 8, three days will separate them from what was supposed to be their first kickoff.

The lack of fine-tuning typically done in those practices will probably show come that first game when it does happen, which could translate to some bad football. Could it also bring more injuries? Possibly; if the individuals don’t stay conditioned.

But what would you rather have? Bad football or no football at all?

We are sure most of you readers would choose Option 1 in given the two.

Beshear obviously did not agree with the decision to move forward with the season. Many speculated he’d strongly urge all programs to hold off on games until in-person instruction resumed — perhaps by early October. That would’ve meant a shortened season.

The governor, though, is leaving up to other decision-makers. It’s understandable, given the scrutiny he’s faced. However, it’s not entirely consistent with his approach on everything else. As we’ve written before, though, he’s not exactly in a coveted position at the moment.

How will each school handle attendance, concessions, deep-cleaning of facilities, transportation and team guideline enforcement? It’s a lot of metaphorical balls for superintendents, athletic directors and coaches to juggle. Can it happen? It’s possible, but there are just so many moving parts.

One thing is virtually certain: Not every team will endure a full season without a COVID case. Come November, regular season records might consist of only five or six games. But a case here and there is manageable. Can outbreaks be avoided? And how many outbreaks will it take for the KHSAA to put the kibosh on the rest of the season?

The questions are aplenty, but Beshear made it clear Tuesday that he’s not responsible for answering them.

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