We all need to keep an open mind, because things we can't imagine can be possible. Being willing to think beyond the norms we're used to is how advancements are made.

For example, a student at Mapua University Manila recently won an award for his invention of solar windows that don't need the sun to work.

Carvey Ehren Maigue was named the first winner of the James Dyson Award for Global Sustainability, an international design competition open to engineers from more than 30 countries worldwide and run by The James Dyson Foundation.

Maigue, 27, created AuREUS, a renewable energy system used for windows and walls of buildings. The new material is made from rotting fruits and vegetables. It absorbs UV light from the sun and converts it into electricity. It works just as well when it's not receiving sunlight.

Particles are derived from fruits and vegetables and suspended in a resin substrate. When hit by sunlight, the particles absorb and emit light along the edges. Then, the light is captured and converted to electricity.

Being open to new ways of doing things is the only way we will advance as a society. This ingenious invention is one of those things. We hope AuREUS not only will be an affordable alternative fuel, but there will be other safe, effective and sustainable fuel sources to come. We also hope when it comes time for production, the Tri-State will have the foresight to draw manufacturing and create good jobs for our area residents.

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