Rep. Thomas Massie and a group of fellow Republicans took a stand against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in maskless unity on Tuesday.

Breaking the rule, which was set by Pelosi, resulted in a $500 fine. Another violation will bring with it another $500 fine. A third strike means a $2,500 fine. How far will Massie and crew go?

Perhaps the protesting Republicans would be better off heeding the rules, albeit begrudgingly, because any sort of petty political fight always seems to grow into a destructive distraction.

However, if Massie’s assertion about the mask rule only ever being applied to members when they’re seen on camera is correct, that helps validate his stance. Massie organized the protest, which included participants Marjorie Taylor Greene, Brian Mast, Chip Roy, Lauren Boebert, Madison Cawthron, Beth Van Duyne, Louie Gohmert, Ralph Norman and Mary Miller.

Mast had this to say about the fine: “Best $500 I ever spent.”

Massie tossed Pelosi’s letter warning him to follow the mask rule into a trash can and promply posted the photo on his Facebook page. Within 30 minutes, it had garnered 5,400 reactions, 500-plus comments and nearly 600 shares.

Massie’s main argument is he’s already had COVID-19, so therefore he’s naturally immune.

“I’m not advocating anyone should seek to get infected with COVID instead of taking the vaccine,” Massie wrote. “But I find it appalling that CDC, President Joe Biden and (Pelosi) are denying science and treating people like idiots by refusing to acknowledge the efficacy of a natural immune response.”

If Massie persists to prove a point, that’s fine, but it shouldn’t become the primary focus of any House session. These representatives — on both sides — were elected to get things done, not fight about masks.

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