When Bruce Wayne donned his bat mask, he didn’t do so to protect himself. He did it to protect others.

He didn’t want his identity revealed, sure, but why was that? If his identity was revealed, there’s no way he could continue fighting crime and protect Gotham City.

Batman covered his face for the same reasons many other superheroes masked up.

Are we superheroes for concealing our face and nose from others during the COVID-19 pandemic? Perhaps that’s a stretch, but you’re certainly exhibiting selflessness — and that’s at least one common characteristic of superheroes.

Not every type of mask provides maximum protection from the virus — one of the N95 variety is best for that purpose — but medical studies are showing that even cloth masks are sufficient in the effort of shielding others from an asymptomatic carrier.

That’s the scariest aspect of this virus — you may have it without knowing and without displaying any symptoms.

The Mayo Clinic, based on the CDC’s guidance, recently published an article on its website containing a breakdown of each type of mask’s benefits.

If you’ve been to the grocery store or gas station or other essential-item spots over the last several weeks, you’ve probably spotted some mask-wearers and a few non-maskers.

There are legitimate reasons floating around behind not donning a mask. Anxiety levels skyrocket for some, glasses get fogged up, breathing issues arise and there’s the notion that, “well, I saw a lot of people without one so I didn’t wear one, either.” Also, they can be rather inconvenient.

But even simple cloth masks, it is being proven, are helping slow the spread of COVID-19.

Any mask with more than a paper-thin layer will serve at least some purpose if the practice is accompanied by two essential habits: hand-washing and social distancing.

Cover your nose and mouth with the mask while in public, too.

Who cares how “silly” you feel or what others think you look like?

It’s not about you. It’s about protecting others.

Wearing a mask, washing your hands and keeping your distance are simple acts that could save lives.

Toss any politics or conspiracy theories aside, and do your part. Combat this virus as if you’re a superhero fighting crime. It’s that important.

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