The Tuesday edition of The Daily Independent will have a new look going forward.

We’re excited to launch our weekly health section today, and we hope it becomes a spot in the newspaper to which you faithful readers gravitate.

As reporter Charles Romans pointed out in a column on Sunday, there are several reasons why we are eager to implement this key piece to our publication.

Perhaps the most important reason is that everyone can relate.

As a community that’s dealt with obesity issues, drug problems and even the sometimes questionable air we breathe, there’s no shortage of concern for our everyday health.

As Romans wrote, our content for this particular section will extend far beyond physical health, although it won’t be neglected.

Our goal is to inform you in a variety of ways to help you — to borrow a phrase from Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari — become the best version of yourself.

We want all of this information in your hands so that you can apply it to your life.

We will gladly offer this advice: Start small, but aim big. It takes patience, persistence and perseverance in order to achieve health-related goals.

No lifestyle change can happen overnight. Perhaps this weekly section will not only inform you of all things health, but hopefully it will also serve as a reminder to take care of yourself and those around you.

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