In a single day, you might turn on the lights, make coffee, watch the news on a television or other electronic device. You might drive your car to a doctor and receive an injection or have blood drawn for testing. You might mow the yard, text your friend, cook dinner at home or purchase food from a drive-through or carry out. You might even step onto the porch after dark to view the moon and stars or to watch a meteor shower.

Everything we do every day is connected to science. We rely on scientists to develop medicines, surgical techniques, new technology, cooking processes and other inventions to make our lives   safer and better.

Many point to biases scientists might have that would cause them to present false information as truth. Primarily, those biases are money and power. A scientist hired by a corporation could be suspected of skewing information to benefit the corporation’s bottom line. A scientist working for the government could provide results hoped for by the powers that be to further his or her career.

While those scenarios are possible, the vast majority of scientists simply search for the truth.

Truth is the foundation of science. Experiments done based on inaccurate information yield useless data.

As nonscientists, it’s difficult to determine the truth about scientific issues. We don’t have the background and education in science to know immediately what is truth. We must rely on other types of research to determine which scientists can be trusted. Much as we decide which doctor to seek treatment from, we must determine which scientists to trust by learning about their education and work history to decide if they’re qualified for the job.

Common sense also comes in handy when trying to get to the truth. After thoroughly researching an issue — or a person — one gains perspective and that allows common sense to become an important judgment tool.

It’s important to listen to the doctors fighting the coronavirus. They are trying to make our lives safer and better. Sometimes the message isn’t what we want to hear, but it is the truth, even if it is evolving daily. If our efforts are not based on the truth, we are unlikely to win the battle.

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