Teenagers too often get a bad rap these days.

Known as the iGeneration or Generation Z, they’re often criticized for spending too much time behind a screen, being “lazy” and just not being tough.

Newsflash: Most who have that perception of them are flat wrong.

Look at Grace Worthington for one of the latest examples of teenagers flourishing in selfless ways.

For her, this pandemic and its effects touched her heart. She wanted to help, so she went to work.

Instead of spending all waking hours binging on Netflix and video games, Worthington took to a sewing machine — which she’s apparently on her way to mastering — and is crafting masks for those who need them most. She tossed aside sleep — which teenagers require and are often criticized for doing too much of — and sacrificed that personal time to do beneficial for others.

We can all learn something from 16-year-old Grace Worthington.

A complete stranger several months ago, Kelly Davidson has gotten to know Worthington quite well over the last few months. She’s awestruck by the teenager’s determination.

“She’s got vision. She’s produced everything she’s set out to do,” Davidson said. “She’s creative and thinks outside the box.”

That should be a message that hits all of us. Instead of focusing on what you might deem negative traits teenagers possess, let’s open our eyes to what they can do. Be receptive to their ideas.  They may come up with something that blows our minds — in a good way.

Allow them to have a redefined work ethic, one that gives them freedom to impact others in their own way.

They won’t all be like Grace Worthington. She’s a rare find.

But they may surprise you.

Sidenote: With all their technological savviness and logged smart device time, this whole social-distancing thing may just be a breeze for them.

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