Perseverance and persistence almost always pay off, but throw in another P — pandemic — and those are much more difficult to come by.

Owners of start-up businesses in the area have had their mettle tested greatly over the past several weeks. It’s amazing to see the results.

Just in Ashland, there have been several ribbon cuttings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the most recent were Christian Alexander, Bombshells & Ales, The Mill Cafe & Bakery and Whit’s Frozen Custard.

How are they doing it?

One reason is community support. Thanks to all of you out there who are rooting on these local businesses both vocally and financially, it has helped keep their hopes afloat of pushing through strange times.

Another reason is the owners’ unyielding pursuance of a dream to have a business in the community.

While supporting these start-ups is encouraged and commended, don’t forget about some of the Old Faithfuls in the area as well. Some of the staples that have served customers decades after decades are facing some of the same troubles amid tumultous times.

One of Gov. Andy Beshear’s repeated phrases since March has been “We will get through this together.” While some of Beshear’s announcements have made it more difficult for businesses to flourish, his orders should be heeded and respected because he is basing decisions from health experts’ guidelines.

So, even though your favorite restaurant is now seating at just 25% capacity, and even though you may have to don a mask to enter your favorite store, don’t let that stop you from supporting those businesses. We may just need to adjust how we approach it — perhaps order carryout from a spot; and wear your mask without argument. It’s up to us to keep the community pulse pumping.

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