Although lawmakers had been meeting while maintaining 6 feet between each politician, one in particular expressed frustration on Wednesday.

Sen. Robin Webb, D-Grayson, said lawmakers put others in danger and were not setting a good example by continuing to meet.

Some lawmakers wore gloves and masks during the latest portion of the legislative session.

Legislators settled for a one-year budget to keep the commonwealth going during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They closed up shop, and headed home for 12 days. They’ll “reconvene” on April 13, if the legislative session stays on schedule.

While lawmakers must continue to work for the good of Kentucky, which is much appreciated, Webb is right. They must do everything possible to set the proper example for social distancing.

Rep. Terri Branham Clark, D-Catlettsburg, posted on Facebook that there are parts of the budget bill she did not agree with, but because of the circumstances, she voted “Yea” as she found silver linings. Webb voted “Yea” as well. The bill was passed along to Gov. Andy Beshear. That’s an admirable attitude.

A masked Clark posted a selfie photo from Frankfort on Wednesday afternoon as “duty calls,” she said.

Webb, Clark and all elected representatives from our area are doing their part in keeping Kentucky going.

Let’s hope Kentucky’s lawmakers stay healthy and, if legislative session delays are necessary — or if there are other ways to move forward with technology — so be it. As they say, desperate times …

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