It’s now illegal in Georgia to give voters food and water as they wait in line to vote.

What country are we in? In fact, what planet are we on?

We can be thankful we are in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, where bipartisan voting reform legislation was sent to Gov. Andy Beshear’s desk for consideration this week.

Among other things, the reform, which is House Bill 574:

• Sets rules for absentee and early voting.

• Allows no-excuse in-person absentee voting on Thursday through Saturday in the week immediately preceding a primary or an election.

• Sets voter registration deadline two weeks before elections.

• Allows a minimum of one secure ballot drop box per county.

• Allows a minimum of one voting location for every 75,000 voters in that county.

This voting legislation aims to loosen the rules of voting, not restrict them. The fact that it’s a bipartisan effort provides us assurance that the rules aren’t meant to suppress the vote but ensure fair and honest elections.

Beshear’s office has not yet announced when he will sign the bill but said he would be looking at it over the next few days. Given the good intentions of this legislation, we are sure it will be signed into law. Kentucky will stand as an example of cooperation and respect of the democratic process to the other 49 states, many of which have taken, or are trying to take, the opposite path.

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