When witnessing history unfold, it’s important to keep everything in perspective.

Just how pivotal was Tuesday in terms of political history in our country?

Well, one can’t just brush the start of President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate off like a piece of fuzz on a sport coat. Treat it more like instructions to a prescribed medicine. Follow every detail and don’t miss any information.

After all, this is just the third time in the United States’ almost-250-year existence that this particular situation has occurred.

Now, here’s what may be different about this impeachment trial as opposed to Andrew Johnson’s in 1868 and Bill Clinton’s in 1999. Our political landscape is as divisive as it’s been in a long time.

When Johnson was impeached, the country was in reconstruction mode following the Civil War. While he was inept in a lot of his presidential duties, there was a sense of at least an attempt to mend the country’s brokenness.

When Clinton was impeached, senators came together in a way we won’t see today because that impeachment was more about moral issues than political topics.

The most important message we want to convey is stay informed as much as possible. It will help shape your valuable opinion and prepare you for what’s to come if this happens again in the future.

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