Get ready for a funky Fourth of July.

There’s no Major League Baseball. There’s no Summer Motion in Ashland. There’s no watching fireworks fly above the Ohio River.

It’s just weird, right? But it’s 2020, and weird is an understatement.

There are still plenty of chances to have a great time and form memories with families and friends. Fireworks will grace the sky in Grayson, Cannonsburg, Portsmouth, Louisa and other places not far from here — and those are just the organized shows. Obviously, fireworks have been blasting for several days leading up to Independence Day.

It’s just different this year. Among the differences are unique concerns.

Usually on the Fourth of July, the main concern is drunk driving after consuming a little too much at a cookout or party. Let’s not downplay that. It is as much of a concern this year as it is any other year. Stay safe and responsible.

Another concern, though, is the unseen monster that’s been gnashing its invisible teeth at us for months. Like the pesky fly buzzing around your kitchen on a sultry day, the coronavirus isn’t going away.

It’s tempting to celebrate such a wonderful American holiday with a huge gathering of people who love our country, but is it feasible?

Some of us have become complacent to COVID-19, and complacency is dangerous. Let’s stay keenly aware of the effects of this virus, and let’s think about how America can’t afford another shutdown.

Have fun this weekend, but do your part by wearing a mask and keeping your distance when around others. Wash your hands, too. And stay off the road after drinking.

Let’s keep America healthy and safe as we celebrate our independence.

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