Drew Brees was right to admit he was wrong.

In case he forgot, he was reminded quickly that his voice matters.

It’s the latest example of how impactful a prominent athlete’s opinion is.

The New Orleans Saints quarterback said Wednesday he will “never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America.”

Brees later qualified that he is firmly against racial inequality, but he also stands with the military. The damage, though, had been done.

He missed the point, and he acknowledged just that on Thursday.

Brees redeemed himself by owning up to his mistake. It’s a valuable lesson for all — when you realize you’re wrong, say so. He did.

Fellow NFL players, teammates and others jumped on Brees for making his untimely comment, given what’s happening across the country.

Brees issued a public apology on social media. He said it broke his heart to know the pain he caused.

Brees said his initial remarks lacked compassion and empathy.

Saints linebacker Demario Davis called Brees’ apology a sign of leadership.

Now, Brees can hopefully move forward and shift his focus appropriately. If he truly learns from ignorant remarks, he’ll do exactly what he said he’ll do, which is “listening and learning from the black community and finding ways that I can help them.”

For Brees, this was a harsh reminder that he has wide-ranging platform. When he speaks, people listen.

Brees (you may insert a long list of names here) should’ve recognized he’s not in a position to completely comprehend what certain sectors of the country are dealing with.  

This isn’t about the flag. It’s about American unity. If he didn’t realize this before, he knows it now.

Good for those who spoke out against Brees’ comments. And good for Brees for expressing remorse. He used his platform in a positive way — to teach two lessons: It’s OK to not fully understand or know everything, and admit when you’re wrong.

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