Congratulations to Holly Forbes, who returned home this week after making the top 10 performers on NBC’s “The Voice.”

The 31-year-old Catlettsburg resident represented the Tri-State well. She demonstrated her outstanding and unique voice, her stage presence and her grace while appearing on the show. She also gave the area something to rally behind at a time when common ground is very much needed.

She also demonstrated a never-give-up attitude of a winner.

With roots in music that stretch to her childhood, when she sang gospel music with her sister and father, Forbes continue to chase her dream in music, even as life happened and she grew up, took a full-time job and had children.

When it came to auditioning for “The Voice,” she was persistent as well, auditioning several times before making it to the stage. Her performances forced her to stretch; she performed a variety of tunes, from her initial performance of “Rocket Man” to her performance of “Because of You,” a bold move considering one of the judges, Kelly Clarkson, had a hit with the song.

Perhaps best of all, Forbes was revealed to be a sweet, good person. Everyone who has commented about her has mentioned she is a sweet, kind person. Early in Forbes’ television experience, Roosevelt Escalante Jr., a former professor of Forbes at Morehead State University, noted her personality.

“She’s one of the few people, if you spoke to the people she was in school with, everybody loves her, and when you think about it, she’s kind of different and it’s amazing that somebody who is ‘different’ is the most popular person,” Escalante said.

“We’re proud that she’s showing what Kentucky has to offer,” he said, noting she has a great future ahead of her.

“It’s important to understand that different people peak at different times,” Escalante said. “Holly hasn’t hit her peak yet.”

We agree. She has certainly made some great contacts during her stay in California, including her coach, Ariana Grande. We expect more impressive accomplishments from this hometown girl.

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