It’s unlikely many have heard of Eula Hall, but it’s likely many in the area have benefited from her work.

Eula Hall founded the Mud Creek Clinic in the small community of Grethel in 1973 and worked there until she died this year at 93. The clinic is now known as the Eula Hall Health Center.

Now, some eastern Kentucky officials want a statue Hall placed at the state Capitol.

Prestonsburg City Council passed a resolution seeking to have her statue placed in the Capitol rotunda. Prestonsburg Mayor Les Stapleton said she is worthy of the honor.

“She did as much for this area in the health field and taking care of people as anybody ever has,” Stapleton said.

Prestonsburg attorney Ned Pillersdorf said Floyd County officials are expected to vote on a similar resolution.

We encourage every resident of eastern Kentucky to support this statue. Hall should be recognized and honored for her work to improve the lives of residents in one of the more impoverished and remote areas of the country.

The statue also will be a reminder to everyone who views it that woman have made, and continue to make, enormous contributions to the well being and progress of eastern Kentucky.

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