We at The Daily Independent commend Carol Allen and the Highlands Museum for opening its fourth floor to students, giving families another academic option during these strange times.

Some parents have deemed it worthwhile to pay a fee to send their masked children to the museum — already an ideal learning environment — while they’re at work or dealing with other daily business. Their children are safely learning under the supervision of a proctor. They’re doing the same schoolwork virtually that they’d do at home for their particular school.

Allen, the executive director, said she couldn’t just sit back and do nothing as she saw issues arise with virtual learning.

Even during breaks, they’re attaining knowledge by taking in various museum exhibits. They can have “recess” in the Discovery Center.

As of Friday, there were nine children seated at large round tables taking advantage of the educational space.

Allen said she could probably accommodate up to 50 students. She’s looking into ways to handle that capacity if interest continues to increase. She said that would require additional proctors.

Cost is $150 per week. Call (606) 329-8888 with any questions.

This is a good idea and good work by Allen and the museum. It’s always a joy to see people helping others amid unique, challenging circumstances.

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