Now more than ever, it’s difficult to know who you can trust.

There have always been scams, cheaters and con-men, but today, opportunities to be taken for a ride attack people all over the world from many sources — from fraudulent letters to automated phone calls to extract personal information to any number of online rackets. It’s an added burden during the pandemic.

Fighting swindles is nearly a full-time job and Americans could use some help.

That’s why praise goes to Kentucky’s efforts to detect and prevent fraud in the commonwealth.

Kentucky has been awarded more than $780,000 in federal funding that will be used to help protect residents from scams, fraud and price gouging during the coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Andy Beshear announced this week, according to The Associated Press.

The funding will be used to better protect Kentucky residents, especially seniors and those experiencing financial difficulty, from being targeted by criminals.

The Attorney General’s Office will receive $540,323 to hire an attorney, a paralegal and an investigator to address rampant COVID-related consumer fraud, scams and price-gouging complaints. The office will also get $144,136 to hire an investigator dedicated to financial fraud and exploitation targeting seniors.

We are sure there are enough scams to keep more than one attorney, one paralegal and two investigators busy, but this most certainly is a good start.

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