Rumors had permeated the community, but definitive plans were being put in pen behind the scenes. Boyd County officials had to be careful — if certain details circulated throughout the county prior to finalization of the deal, it could’ve led to the demise of the project before it even began.

However, it all came to fruition on July 23, 2021, as Judge-Executive Eric Chaney — who had been busting at the seams in anticipation of making the announcement — finally unveiled a plan for the future.

Majority owner Jason Camp, Economic Development Director T.J. Morrison and Chaney divulged details of Camp Landing Entertainment District: a Malibu Jack’s, a reopened movie theater, a distillery, a farmers market, a multi-purpose sportsplex, a convention center, restaurants, a hotel and a residential complex are slated to come to the former KYOVA Mall property.

With so much economic disappointment in recent years, this news is welcomed and promising.

Although it isn’t the type of industry to which this area is accustomed, the tourism industry might just become what Boyd County can hang its hat on.

The sportsplex, for instance, will not only draw in basketball and wrestling tournaments at all youth levels, it could open up the door to arena football, concerts and all kinds of events.

Families from all over could visit so that children can participate in these events. Meanwhile, between games they can hit a restaurant and after games they can check out Malibu Jack’s, for instance.

Camp Landing could be the start of something huge for this entire area. But the key is to embrace this, support it and do everything we can to help it grow. That goes for the whole county and surrounding areas.

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