There are many ways to enjoy the warm days of late spring and early summer. One of them is fishing.

Catching — or trying to catch — fish is a fun, relaxing way to enjoy the season. Many of us grew up angling with our families or friends and enjoying the bounty of our trip, or simply releasing our captives back to their habitat.

Regardless, fishing is a a wholesome activity for children, a rite of passage for young people and a way to commune with nature for all of us.

That’s why we applaud the Tri-State for its free fishing days in June.

The three states each has its own dates during which time anyone can fish for free:

• For Kentucky, it’s this weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

• In West Virginia, fishing is free on June 11 an 12.

• Ohio offers free fishing June 18 and 19.

If you play your calendars right, you can fish free for three weekends in a row.

The purpose is to encourage residents to try fishing without having to pay for a license. If you enjoy yourself, maybe you will spend the rest of the summer — or at least part of it — around the water.

Even if you “go fishing” with no intent of catching anything but a few rays and some peace and quiet, it’s well worth it when there is no cost.

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