According to the CDC, 81.2% of COVID-positive deaths in the United States have involved Americans ages 65 and up. As enigmatic as COVID-19 has been, it’s become painfully clear that it is exceptionally harsh on those 65 and older, causing more hospitalizations in addition to deaths.

While essential workers, especially those caring for the elderly, understandably have been at or near the front of the vaccination line, it makes the most sense to dedicate the allocated vaccines to the 65-and-older portion of the population first.

In Kentucky, the 70-and-older crowd was essentially the third eligible group, chronologically. Although it may seem like a minor tweak, the age bracket should’ve begun at 65 in the commonwealth.

Locally, a hospital announced it would administer shots to essential workers 18 and up (Phase 1C). That’s well within bounds of the rollout rules in Kentucky, however, 65-and-uppers should take priority.

A great deal of people receiving inoculations are doing so, at least partially, to protect some of their older relatives or friends. So why not go straight to the group who needs that dose the most? 

While we aren’t turning down a chance to get shots in our arms — after all, media is included in Phase 1C — we’d love to see more shots in the arms of some of the more “seasoned” citizens first.

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