We have a tradition here at The Daily Independent to at least attempt to publish a feature story or two around the holidays — specifically on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve; keep in mind we don’t print on Christmas.

As you hopefully noticed on Thursday, a Greenup couple saw a long-awaited dream become reality as they adopted five children. What a great moment for the parents and kids. We wish them the best.

Also in Greenup County, a man was greeted — on what he thought was a normal day on his farm — by a ornament-filled pine tree that he suspected his brother decorated.

Within the past year, his brother had overcome a battle with cancer and he, himself, went through a divorce. So, the decorated-tree surprise lifted Steve Perry’s spirits. Not saying he was the Grinch, by any means, but just as we saw in that movie and book, perhaps Perry’s heart grew in size as well.

Christmas isn’t about trees, and Perry hadn’t planned on putting one in his house. It’s not about decorations, such as a sizeable red spheres adorning the pine. It’s not about material items at all. What made Christmas 2020 special for Steve Perry was a simple and kind gesture that warmed his soul like a cup of hot cocoa.

We all can relate. We’ve experienced moments, many of them seemingly small yet heart-softening, that become cemented in our minds. Perhaps they inspire us to do something nice in return. And the ripple effect proceeds to work in a stirring way.

Christmas is about those moments of generosity when you love your neighbor as yourself, as commanded by the person who happens to be the reason for the season.

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