Our editorial on Friday pointed out women in Kentucky still earn less than men for doing the same work — even women with advanced degrees.

Pay disparity in the commonwealth is higher than the national average, according to the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education.

One Ashlander deserves credit for trying to rectify that situation, among others.

Susan Fried has been appointed to the Kentucky Commission on Women, a group that strives to improve the status of women in Kentucky and educate the public about women’s issues, including in education, health and well-being, economic sufficiency and leadership.

The New Jersey native was disturbed to learned Kentucky was rated among the lowest states in the country on employment, wages, autonomy, health and well-being for women, so she did something about it. She has volunteered for Safe Harbor, an emergency shelter and advocacy center serving area domestic violence victims, for 17 years. She serves as president of the board at Safe Harbor.

Because of her involvement there, Gov. Andy Beshear appointed her to the commission.

As a member of the state commission, Fried will be in a position to get even more accomplished for women. She has a genuine passion for people and for making their lives better.

Considering how far Kentucky lags behind on women’s issues, Fried has her work cut out for her. We are lucky she has the talent, drive and ability to make a difference. We wish her luck.

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