Art affects mood. It’s been proven time and time again through psychological studies. 

One can get pretty deep into the psychology when discerning dispositions brought on by certain colors or shades. Restaurants, for example, typically choose colors for their logos that induce hunger.

Without getting too “in the weeds” — since our expertise isn’t exactly in that field — we will simply remark how refreshing it is to see all the colorful pieces of fresh art pop up across our region.

There are myriad examples, such as Ashland’s newest murals, its art alley and welcome sign from Ohio — some of which are symbolic for the city and follow its recently unveiled “Create With Us” theme.

Look at the developing Artsy Fartsy Walk at Camp Landing — in the hallway adjacent to the renovated cinema. 

The 18-piece mural in Morehead by Pasquale’s is rather impressive. It features a variety of visions, and undoubtedly evokes a wide array of emotions.

The Revitalize Russell movement has been enhanced by creativity from local artists such as Elias Reynolds.

New artwork brightens Greenup, too. 

It’s truly remarkable to sit back and pay witness to some of these local talents on display as well. 

Amid an often-depressing time period, plagued by a pandemic, over the last two years, all of these expressive pieces of art have elicited feelings of hope, joy and peace of mind.

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