GEDs for free? That’s quite a deal. This move, made possible by a $600,000 allotment from the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, will change a lot of lives for the better.

Will it cause more people to drop out of high school or not strive for a high school diploma? That’s highly doubtful. It will have many more positive effects than negative.

The GED test was previously $120. That’s a big, intimidating figure for a good chunk of people out there who are in a position in which a GED would be beneficial.

The test includes mathematics, science, social studies and reading/writing.

This waiver will free folks of financial duress that previously accompanied the test. As Boyd County Adult Learning Center instructor Sherry Combs pointed out, so many unemployed, underemployed and financially strained parents couldn’t afford the $120.

Jail inmates in adult learning classes will have opportunities to try for GEDs while incarcerated.

All of the above will have an infinitely better chance of landing a job, which will create a positive ripple effect for families, the community and the Commonwealth.

These free tests will increase employment, overall, and increase the quality of those employees.

Kentucky Skills U — the state’s adult education centers — is available in every one of Kentucky’s 120 counties.

Those interested can also pursue GED Plus, a program allowing adults to earn a GED and a college credential simultaneously.

This waiver changes the complexion and perception of GEDs. It’s a good move forward.

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