There’s more where that came from.

That’s essentially the message Ashland Police Chief Todd Kelley conveyed on Thursday evening hours after the newly formed Northeast Kentucky Drug Task Force successfully executed its first big drug raid.

Just nine days into the year, the task force is setting a precedent. They’re not messing around.

The task force dotted all of its i’s and crossed all of its t’s as it investigated and strategized in preparation to bust a local motorcycle gang. While, as of Friday morning, the main suspect had still not been captured, it appeared to be only a matter of time because of all of the extensive information it gathered.

The Northeast Kentucky Drug Task Force seems to truly be a force, and a welcoming presence in a community in need of clean-up.

Boyd County became an Appalachia HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) county for a reason.

While pills and heroin have invaded the area and led to a slew of overdoses over the last few years, methamphetamine has become as prevalent as any drug in our portion of the Bluegrass.

The Northeast Kentucky Drug Task Force is going straight for the jugular.

“The targets are the individuals who are more than just street-level users and street-level sellers,” Kelley said. “We’re going after those individuals to try to attack the distribution or the supply, and interrupt that trafficking.”

Ashland police, Boyd County Sheriff’s Office, Catlettsburg police, the Drug Enforcement Administration, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, FBI and the Kentucky State Police comprise this much-needed task force.

This is just the start of what will likely be an exceptional operation and will help further purge an area in need of purification.

Let’s get behind this task force and support it as it stunts the growth of a methamphetamine monster and helps drain the area of drugs.

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