Let’s not forget about the mental toll that accompanies the novel coronavirus, especially in a nursing home.

Throughout the last three-plus months, nursing home residents have been even more cooped up than usual. We at The Daily Independent know there are several high-quality nursing homes in our area complete with good employees, but that only goes so far.

These elderly folks love to see their families, and COVID-19 has been such an impenetrable obstacle. Many of them have seen their loved ones, but just through windows. It’s not the same.

As detrimental as the actual coronavirus has been — especially regarding the same demographic associated with nursing homes — the mental and emotional anguish that tags along with it has been even more devastating at times.

Although Kentucky has seen a few days in recent weeks consisting of alarming jumps in the number of cases, there is good news on the horizon for nursing home residents and their families.

Eric Friedlander, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services’ secretary, said the state will resume visitation at assisted living and personal care homes, group activities of 10 or fewer in facilities, communal dining and off-site appointments, according to Kentucky Today.

Over the last three months, much has been learned about this invisible nuisance, but plenty of mystery remains.

Let’s hope we don’t see any tragic outbreaks at nursing homes going forward, but let’s also hope these people can enjoy the latter stages of their lives as unencumbered as possible.

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