Temperatures are set to hover in the 65-75-degree range and the sun will be shining quite a bit over the next few days.

This forecast is absolutely fantastic, unless it leads to foolishness.

Gov. Andy Beshear has emphasized the details of his orders as needed, and you’ll undoubtedly hear him do so leading up to and during this weekend.

Couple the nice weather with the weekend, and you’ll get rebellious people not heeding the meat of the quarantine message: Distance yourself from others.

You can’t do that if you’re congregating in the lawn and garden section at Lowe’s.

It’s simply about priorities.

With extra time on a lot of hands, those hands are itching to get things done around the house. That’s good — nothing wrong with that. And, if you need a couple of items that you can grab quickly while maintaining social distance, go for it. Get in and out.

We step into the danger zone when we just go to a home improvement store and shop around, touch every other item on every other shelf while huddling up in the hardware section to “shoot the crap.”

COVID-19 is serious. Treat it as such.

If you must get out and grab essential items, morph into Flash and zoom from Point A to Point B to Point Exit.

And if there’s a project that can hold off a few more weeks, let it linger. Surely there are ways to use your time wisely while still experiencing a few moments of joy.

Allow yourself to relax some, too. Get outside, take a walk or jog, come back, sit on the porch with a cup of coffee and catch up on some newspaper (or literature of choice) reading.

Mow a neighbor’s lawn. Get out and teach your pet a new trick. Listen to the birds chirp.

Spring is here, and brighter days are coming.

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