It’s tough to digest some of the bad news the area’s faced over the last several months.

Seeing various forms of the word “closure” is exhausting and depressing, for sure.

From AK Steel to Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital to Salvation Army’s emergency shelter, seeing the ostensible end to all of these companies/organizations is unsettling.

Now, on the other hand, there was some recent good news for Rush Off-Road. It is receiving a $4 million grant for a new access road and extensions of sewer and water lines to its trailhead.

The natural question: If there’s $4 million floating around, why is it going to recreation rather than a potential re-creation of Bellefonte Hospital or other areas of need?

It’s sort of a complicated answer, but the simplest way to state it is this grant is a specific one with specific intentions.

It’s a Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet Abandoned Mine Lands Pilot program. The grant, which is part of a branch of a much larger-scale federal program, consists of funds specifically allotted for these sorts of ventures. In other words, these funds can’t be used for the hospital or any other companies or organizations.

The funds can’t be collected and then donated, either. They must go toward these specific projects at Rush Off-Road.

So, while it’s natural to place a magnifying glass over this positive news and compare it to negative happenings, that simply is not fair.

So, let’s celebrate this news as it can only help the area grow into a tourist destination, as indicated by Boyd County Judge-Executive Eric Chaney.

This will carry an economic impact for southern Boyd County, and Rush, in particular.

So, be careful to rush to conclusions.

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