A local hospital has done a superb job of providing physicians who can explain, in plain terms, the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year and a half.

Dr. Charbel Salem, among others associated with King’s Daughters Medical Center, has played a key role in conveying that message.

Thanks to doctors like Salem, the tri-state area has been privileged to expertise. Whether they adhere to the warnings and advice is up to them, but KDMC has supplied high-quality, down-to-earth physicians from the onset.

Back in March 2020, The Daily Independent interviewed Dr. Salem about telehealth, which constitutes conducting visits with patients over a smartphone, iPad or tablet-like device.

Dr. Salem, a nephrologist and a Chief Medical Officer at KDMC, has been front and center as a voice of reason throughout this tumultuous, unpredictable time.

During his most recent public speech — at Ashland Rotary — he cautioned everyone that we “are still in a pandemic,” however he celebrated the fact that the active case count is dwindling.

Dr. Salem brought — in understandable language, as opposed to “doctor speak” — important information without using scare tactics.

He acknowledged COVID’s 1% mortality rate while also providing a glimpse into the grim scenes at the hospital over the last 18 or so months.

The doctor reminded vaccines are the best way to get protection from the virus, but he also mentioned monoclonal antibodies. They’re still not as effective as vaccines, but it’s an option in some cases. We encourage you to read the entire story recapping his talk to Rotary. Visit dailyindependent.com and search for “Rotary guest offers COVID insight.”

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