More than 200,000 have died on the heels of positive COVID-19 tests. No winners.

Protests centered upon racial injustice and police brutality have erupted into violent riots. No winners.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump clashed in the first of what is supposed to be three presidential debates. No winners.

Two men in their 70s vying for a chance to be America’s Commander in Chief tussled like two children fighting for the last buttered roll at the kids’ table on Thanksgiving.

It was a completely embarrassing 96 minutes of unpresidential banter — on both sides.

We at the newspaper always encourage you to vote, and will continue to urge this. However, we are pleased to announce we can’t and won’t endorse either of these subpar candidates.

Here’s an easy prediction: The vice presidential debate next Wednesday, Oct. 7, will be much more productive and presidential.

Tuesday’s circus was a disaster (there’s a Trump word) from the get-go. Biden appeared to throw the first punch, as a Chris Wallace-posed question pertained to Supreme Court, but he couldn’t wait to slam Trump for his handling of COVID-19. It spiraled out of control from there.

Trump incessantly interrupted Biden. Biden returned the favor, and even sounded Trump-like a few times, labeling Trump a racist and not so politely requesting the incumbent to “shut up, man.”

The debate consisted of very little substance. If you’re an on-the-fence voter, we hope the fence has padding because you’re still saddled firmly atop.

Two of the loudest criticisms of Trump is that he didn’t condemn white supremacy when given the chance, and that several of his claims weren’t exactly factual. Those criticisms are fair.

For Biden, he struggled greatly to answer why he would be the best fit for our country to handle certain situations. Instead of telling the country why it was time for Biden, he focused on why Trump isn’t the right man for the job.

If Tuesday is any indication, neither man appears suited to serve the next four days in the White House, let alone the next four years come January 2021.

Our country needs a strong, selfless, tactful and respectful leader. Both Trump and Biden are a glaring 0-for-4 in those categories. Tuesday night was a major disappointment in America.

No winners.

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