Back in 1986, Genesis released the song, “Land of Confusion.”

Although it’s believed to be a song about the dangers of excessive political power — a message backed up by a strange, attention-grabbing, popular music video — the first few lines of the chorus apply to a certain sector of our society today.

“There’s too many men, too many people, making too many problems; and not much love to go around,” sang Phil Collins 34 years ago.

Social media platforms are today’s land of confusion — sometimes that’s a result of simultaneously being the “land of conspiracy.”

If you pulled up your Facebook feed this week, specifically the middle of the week, chances are you came across someone posting about the viral YouTube video entitled “Plandemic” just a few moments after you began scrolling.

Somehow, just because it was getting shared and viewed by so many, it further verified its contents as truth.

However, upon researching the key figure in the video, one will quickly realize — if looking at it through a clear lens — that perhaps it falls into a long line of debunked conspiracy theories.

A year after that Genesis hit was released, “Dragnet,” the movie, starring Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks came out. Aykroyd played Sgt. Joe Friday and said the famous line, “Just the facts, ma’am.”

We as a society struggle to form an opinion based on solely facts simply because there’s so much information (and misinformation) floating out there.

Our job as a newspaper is to bring you facts. And when we do screw up — and we are human, so we do — we strive to immediately make corrections.

The point of this editorial is not to tell you you’re wrong for believing every word the doctor says in “Plandemic.”

The point is to do as much research and gather as much knowledge as you possibly can on a particular subject before shaping your opinion.

We too often jump to the “land of conclusion,” all the while the path leading you to that point is filled with delusion.

It all goes back to the third line of the Genesis song — “making too many problems.” Don’t be the “too many men (or women)” who fall into that category. Be part of the solution.

Gather the facts.

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