In our rebellious society, the more we’re told to do something, the less likely we’ll do it.

Gov. Andy Beshear made an executive order that went into effect on Friday at 5 p.m. We must wear masks in public in the commonwealth of Kentucky.

There’s something about our teenage-years attitude that sticks with us, because many of us had this initial response: Well, what if I don’t?

Beshear said he planned to give more details regarding the 30-day order on Friday, but usually the punishment for not heeding an executive order could include warnings and then fines.

Will we be fined for not wearing a mask in public?

Here’s our question: Why find out?

The primary pair of directions in the mandate are as follows:

• Wear masks in all indoor public spaces.

• Wear masks outdoors when social distance (6 feet apart) can’t be maintained.

In our view, the first part is much easier to follow than No. 2.

At this point, wearing a mask in a grocery store, convenient mart, pharmacy or even church should be common practice — simply considering it’s courteous to others. You’re truly protecting others more than you’re protecting yourself. For instance, if you’re an asymptomatic virus carrier holding the milk door open for an elderly lady at the supermarket, a mask will help prevent the transfer of the virus to that elderly lady, who could suffer much more devastating effects from COVID-19. So you’ve just accomplished two good deeds.

Granted, the outdoors part is tougher to which to adhere. Although it’s hot, many people don’t want to be holed up inside when the sun is shining and outdoor fun can be had — or work can be done.

Pay attention to the qualifier, though: when social distance can’t be maintained. In other words, let’s all use common sense.

Here’s how we can abide by the governor’s order:

• Think of others when you wear your mask. Don’t worry about how you look or how inconvenient it feels.

• Don’t breathe on each other. If you’re closer than 6 feet apart and want to chat with someone who isn’t a family member you’re around all the time, wear your mask.

• Wash your hands with soap and water often. Hand sanitizer is OK, but it’s not as effective.

• Be considerate. Remember the golden rule?

Politics aside, this is a public health issue. Whether or not we agree with the governor’s order is a moot point. Let’s look out for each other.

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