You probably haven’t shaken a hand in weeks. Even fist bumps are few and far between, unless you’re “hitting the rock” with someone else in your own household.

But there’s one way to still have hand-to-hand contact.

Bring your own paws together, and now back apart. And repeat. Stand up and clap. Keep going. Give health care workers in your area, and around the world, a round of applause.

They’re true heroes — all the time, but especially during a global pandemic.

Horror stories are being told and penned all over the map as this debilitating virus knocks out a portion of the population. Who are on the front lines? Doctors, physician’s assistants and a variety of nurses are among the slew of health care workers tirelessly doing everything they can to save their patients.

For many of us, we reach a challenging point in our careers and we encounter tough hurdles. We might say something like, “I didn’t sign up for this.”

Well, this is exactly what these brave men and women signed up for.

As we abide by “lockdown” or “stay-at-home” rules or orders around the world, let’s remember that we are doing so out of respect for our health workers.

The death toll is nearing 5,000 in Spain, it’s reached 3,200 in China and the number of fatalities is a staggering 8,000-plus in Italy.

What’s amazing in the United States is we now have the highest tally of cases (almost 86,000 as of Friday morning) — the most on the planet — but our death toll (1,300 and counting) is sixth on the list.

American health workers are special.

They’re sacrificing time with families and hours of sleep for each individual patient they treat and try to save.

Let’s give them all a loud round of applause — from a distance — and if you’re the praying type, keep your hands together and utter a few words to a greater power for these special, cherished individuals.

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