Often overlooked because they are perfectly content with staying behind the scenes, school counselors are in a position to make an immeasurable impact on students’ lives.

We firmly believe some of the best counselors in the state are right here in northeastern Kentucky, and there’s no better time to make that statement than right now — smack-dab in the middle of National School Counseling Week.

Counselors are always important, but their role is even more enhanced now because of the mental and emotional toll the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on students’ lives — not to mention a bevy of other issues such as: civil unrest; an alarming rate of suicide among young people; and the country’s political division that often infiltrates into branches of family trees.

Counselors have a variety of duties. The best counselors take every student’s issues to heart, listen with constantly open ears and offer suitable advice. They both encourage and challenge students because they see potential.

The best school counselors are, above all, problem-solvers as opposed to problem-creators.

We will happily join in and celebrate these special people who are often taken for granted.

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