It sounds like Camp Landing’s owner has warmed up to the idea of having an interesting neighbor.

All along, Jason Camp has been in favor of Revolutionary Racing LLC coming to Boyd County, but Camp didn’t want it connected to some of the family-friendly establishments currently in the entertainment district.

Instead, his desire was that the county stick to the plan of converting the old Sears building into a convention center.

But Judge-Executive Eric Chaney and the fiscal court (the majority of it) decided it couldn’t pass up a chance to accept Revolutionary Racing into county lines, and this building was suitable for the gaming center part of the grand plan — which includes a quarter horse race track that is to be located on a 177-acre piece of land beyond the Little Sandy River.

On Tuesday, July 26, Camp said he was “very excited for the horse track and equestrian center as a neighbor behind us.”

“We just hope we can work with Revolutionary Racing’s team to come to a mutually beneficial partnership on the gaming facility being in Camp Landing,” he added. “Our No. 1 concern is for the safety and family-friendly atmosphere that we currently have here.”

When looking at establishments in similarly populated Kentucky areas such as Oak Grove and Franklin, these gaming hall’s neighbors are steak and pizza restaurants, but also a drive-in theater and a Seventh Day Adventist church.

Can a horse track and gaming center co-exist with Malibu Jack’s, a candy shop, a bakery, a frozen custard store, a movie theater and restaurants currently at Camp Landing?

It certainly looks like an unconventional mix at first glance, but we absolutely think they can mesh successfully.

Two months ago — on May 26 — Camp was critical of Revolutionary Racing, saying he didn’t completely trust the outfit and didn’t think it was good for this community.

He’s seemingly had a change of heart, and that’s a good sign for Boyd County.

It was in Camp’s best interest to ultimately come around to the idea of Revolutionary Racing because they figure to be two of the top attractions in Boyd County.

Now, it may not be exactly how Camp — or even the county — envisioned, but when does every piece of an original puzzle truly fall into place as once expected?

It’s a shift, but it should be a favorable one.

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