In northeastern Kentucky, Catlettsburg’s annual early-September celebration is a Labor Day staple.

The age-old fashion rule is one can’t wear white after Labor Day. Can northeastern Kentucky even function after Labor Day without a parade in Catlettsburg?

We haven’t had to find out in 53 years.

The COVID-19 pandemic placed the half-century-long tradition squarely into question; and without the special citizens with the backing of city leaders, the streak would’ve ended.

However, residents made the most of a less-than-ideal situation, providing a little bit of solace in a year full of discomfort.

As mayor Faith Day said, “our little town with filled with cars, families on their porch gathered to watch,” and even folks in Ohio and West Virginia participated in spectating from afar. Nine o’clock fireworks provided the perfect capper to a fine evening.

When people work together to assure a tradition remains solidified, it’s special to watch it all unfold.

Since the late 1960s, Catlettsburg has been the epicenter of Labor Day fun in the Tri-State. Even in 2020, the strangest of strange years, that stayed true.

Kudos to the mayor, the citizens of Catlettsburg and volunteers who helped make the celebration happen. We needed all the community fun like this that we can get.

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