In documents sent to The Daily Independent, a Braidy Industries subsidiary’s decision to lay off several employees is detailed.

The employees who were selected for involuntary termination ranged from 24 to 66 years old and had various seemingly important job titles.

The news is, at the least, unsettling.

Among those terminated was the Executive Vice President of Manufacturing who, if we have all of our information correct, brought loads of experience to the company and was an expert in his field. The director of operations in manufacturing was also let go.

A 24-year-old design engineer is no longer with the company.

Age may not have much to do with any of these layoffs, but on the surface, when you see a youthful design engineer and a veteran manufacturing employee as a pair of a workforce, it raises your brow. Also consider that nearly 25% of that workforce was released.

Ideally, a twenty-something would have some fresh ideas and bring energy to the table. The person was probably a dreamer of sorts.

On the other hand, a person in their 60s who worked his way up to such a prestigious position in manufacturing would have fought through trials and enjoyed triumphs throughout his career. That person would be a realist.

So, Veloxint is going forward with fewer realists and dreamers.

The following positions were vacated, according to documents provided to The Daily Independent: Senior Administrative Assistant, Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Maintenance Technician, Design Engineer, Prototyping & Technical Development Engineer II, EVP of Manufacturing and Director of Operations in Manufacturing.

While it’s natural and easy to jump to conclusions, exactly what this means in the broad Braidy landscape is still to be determined. But it’s certainly hard to pull positives from this latest happening.

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