It’s early in the game, but Gov. Andy Beshear is demonstrating consistency so far in his new role.

The core of his campaign was the meat of his message on Tuesday as he delivered his first State of the Commonwealth speech.

Beshear was adamant throughout his race against former governor Matt Bevin about his support of teachers. It’s a primary reason why he’s currently in the Governor’s Mansion.

It’s good to see Beshear hasn’t backed away from his words.

The governor is sticking with his pledge for a $2,000 across-the-board pay raise for teachers. He said in his speech that the budget he submits later this month will reflect that.

If Beshear comes through, educators will not only get their wish, they’ll get their due — or at least closer to it.

Most of these dedicated teachers deserve every extra penny they can get. In sports, it’s the athlete who arrives the earliest and stays the latest who is often the most successful. As Beshear pointed out, that’s exactly what many of these teachers do — go in an hour or two before students arrive and grade papers or go over curriculum in the evenings.

Of course, time will tell the tale of if Beshear will follow through on his word.

As much as we hope to see this particular pledge come to fruition, there are a slew of other issues Beshear appears ready to tackle.

Now, here’s what must happen: A Republican-heavy legislature and a Democratic governor must work together with a good deal of civility going forward.

If we don’t see some semblance of unity among the government in the Commonwealth, it may be on the fast track to becoming much like our national political landscape — divisive. If that’s the case, the state of the Commonwealth will be nothing but broken.

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