Armco Park’s gates will swing open today at 8 a.m., but if we all flock there at once, it defeats the purpose.

So, while this decision made by Boyd County Judge-Executive Eric Chaney is both good and popular, continue to be responsible.

What Chaney said about folks filling up parking lots and piling into large stores — let’s face it, to shop for both non-essential and essential items — rings true.

Instead of confining citizens to those spaces, it’s healthier to have an outdoor option, even if it is allergy season for some.

Whether it’s walking the Iron Ore Trail (with trekkers several feet apart), playing a little bit of disc golf (safely) or having a small picnic (emphasis on small), opening Armco Park offers families who may not have a big back yard an opportunity to enjoy a nice outdoor area for a change.

This will undoubtedly help Crisp’s Dairy Treat’s business, too, as the traditional stop-at-Crisp’s-and-eat-it-at-the-park event is back in play.

Again, as Chaney and the Ashland-Boyd County Health Department stated, this must be handled in the safest possible way.

Basically, use common sense, everyone.

Chaney’s announcement coincided with Gov. Andy Beshear unveiling the steps to slowly but surely reopen the state. Phase I of re-opening the Commonwealth will span the month of May, and each step will grant us more hope and promise that things will get back to normal.

However, if we go back to our old habits too soon, it may bite us.

The message is quite simple: Be smart. Make good choices not only for you but those around you.

Go, enjoy the park … responsibly.

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