Teachers and their school give to the students. Students typically give back by representing that school while there and/or for life all by racking up accomplishments. 

Most students can’t give back to the school monetarily until they’re alumni.

It’s truly something special to see students give back to their school while still strolling the hallways.

Ashland Middle School’s STEM students carried on what’s become a winning tradition. AMS advanced to the national stage in the annual Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest. By doing so, it raked in $50,000 for Ashland to spend on high-tech equipment.

They have a chance to do even more. If they win the national contest, they’ll bring in an additional $100,000.

These students know they’ve achieved something great, but there’s no way for these youngsters to fully comprehend the magnitude of this accolade.

The students designed and constructed a device to assist mobility-impaired students in an emergency. It has a padded seat with three wheels on each side that can navigate stairways. It can slide under a wheelchair or a crutches-wielding student can use it as a seat to descend steps.

We encourage every one of our readers to vote for this special AMS team, which can give the school its second championship in three years. It won in 2018 for a device designed for emergency workers picking up discarded hypodermic syringes safely. It was a state champion in 2019.

While judges will decide on five national winners for the five $100,000 prizes, there’s a community choice contest that will produce a collector of an additional $10,000.

So, vote, vote, vote.

Visit samsung.com/solve to record your vote. You may log a vote each day until 11:59 p.m. March 30. 

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