As you’ll notice in today’s edition’s D section, several of us employees at The Daily Independent are producing various portions of our work from home during this COVID-19 pandemic.

When we are in the office, we’re practicing social distancing by maintaining at least 6 feet of separation between faces and/or workplaces.

We hope you’re taking every safety measure recommended or ordered by state, city and county leaders. Protect others and yourself.

We posted on our Facebook page Thursday and placed the same request in Friday’s edition posing the question, “What are you doing during quarantine?”

Several of you are like us. You’re still working, although the routines and methods by which you’re completing that work may differ from the norm.

By Friday morning, there already close to 150 comments on the Facebook post. It was wonderful to see all of the responses.

In the coming days (and perhaps weeks), we’ll publish some of the posted photos in the newspaper.

We’ll seize an opportunity to share a few responses now:

• Tom Dearing: “Working from home, and we adopted two dogs from AARF this week! A little bit of yard work, and catching up with the neighbors … from a safe distance!”

• Cherie Carter Carr: “Teaching 4th grade online, building a back porch and really spending quality time with my family!”

• Kayla Wilson: “Cutting grass, yard work with the family, definitely lots of playing with pets!! Riding bikes.”

• Debbie Perkins Qualls: “Finishing some home projects, spring cleaning, lots of TV binging and crafting.”

• Steve Gartin: “Doing pastoral work and trying to do video editing to keep my sanity.”

• Sadonna Ison: “I’m a social work student at UK, so I’m doing my classes online from home with my kitty keeping me company.”

And there are so many, too, like Albert Tibbs, Josh Napier and Scott Roseberry who are working like usual, if not more so, during these weird times.

Thanks for sharing with us. We at The Daily Independent love hearing from our readers and even non-readers in the community.

We encourage you to continue taking care of yourself and protecting others!

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