There was a special ceremony held at Ashland's Central Park on Saturday.

It involved 10 Ashland baseball players being inducted into the CP-1 Hall of Fame ceremony The men inducted were the fourth class of inductees. Mark Maynard — former editor of this newspaper — is the one who puts this together, and it is in our view an amazing public service for this community.

This year's inductees of ball players with connections to Central Park include Herb Conley, power hitter for the Tomcats in the late 1950s; Dick Fillmore, Tomcat SS-pitcher in the late 1950s; Mike Johnson. Little League champ, late 60s Tomcat; Ed Joseph, third base at Fairview, EKU; Ed Radjunas. threw first pitch in Little League, third base Tomcats in 60s; Frank Sloan, Tomcat coach who guided Ashland greats; Darryl Smith. Tomcat pitcher, star at Cumberland; Tobey Tolbert. Little League champ who helped Tomcats to 67 title; Robert Wright, one of best hitters of 1950s era for Tomcats; and T.R. Wright, Pioneer youth coach who started Babe Ruth baseball.

The men all had a chance to stand up and give a small speech during Saturday's ceremony about their time playing baseball in Ashland and the memories they made.

There are a lot of reasons why this is such an amazing event. The most obvious to us is it recognizes a very important part of Ashland history. The city, and the Tri-State, for that matter, have a long, rich connection to baseball. Many area residents remember growing up with baseball at Central Park. This event furthers those memories.

We also want to note, though, that the event has particular significance for those now entered into the CP-1 Hall of Fame. This event matters to the community, but it really matters to those who participated and lived this chapter of Ashland history.

Carrying out this ceremony and these inductions is an incredible gift to those involved and the community. For this, we say thank you, and we look forward to next year's event.

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