In editorials today and tomorrow we focus on the positive, kind nature of our community.

Today, we write about an event that happened a little more than a week ago when local high school students went to the Ashland senior center to help residents who frequent the center better understand technology. Specifically, these students helped our seniors learn more about communicating via smartphone and other technology platforms.

In our world — where the most popular app seems to change by the week — and where smart phones rule the day, it can be difficult for folks who weren't born and raised on said technology to cope with all the transformations. That's where our local youth helped out via the Boyd County Branch of the Kentucky Youth Council for Volunteer Service, which showed up at the senior center to spend time with locals, teaching the intricacies of their smart phones.

Bill Burch, the team advisor, said that the students promote a strong foundation for the future by developing leadership that promotes the ethic of service and empowers and engages young people through service.

“What seniors fail to realize is that texting has replaced letter writing and the telephone,” Burch said.

Rebekah Howard, a local high school student, was one of six who attended the Ashland Senior Center to help a group of senior citizens become more tech-savvy. The Future Farmers of America, a school organization at Boyd County High School, also participated.

“I really like to work with this group,” Howard said. “It’s important to help them connect with their grandchildren. I know I would want my grandma to be able to talk to me.”

“These teens not only brought the benefits of technology to older citizens, but they build bridges between the two generations,” Burch said.

This is yet another example of the generosity of the Ashland area. We have a wonderful city and county. The example these students show, helping visitors to the senior center better their lives by simply taking some time to care for one another, speaks volumes about life in Ashland, Boyd County and the Tri-State.

Tomorrow, in Sunday’s editorial, we’ll tackle the amazing kindness to be found in the local endeavor known as the Ashland Area Tool Library.

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