On Saturday, The Daily Independent’s lead story detailed our city manager’s contract extension offered by the board of city commissioners. My take-away from that article were these comments: “... who has done an excellent job,” “I’m a big fan of Mike Graese,” and “He’s a very hard worker, he’s done a fantastic job.”

Those remarks concur with my experience working with Mr. Graese, during his first three years on the job, in my capacity as a landscape architect and an involved citizen.  

They also reflect the attitude of city staff I have spoken with in the field, in multiple departments, who like and respect his work as the city manager. I am confident that our citizenry will elect an enthusiastic, cooperative and thoughtful board of city commissioners on Nov. 3 who will discern the wisdom of keeping him around.

During the city commission meeting last Thursday, we received an exciting report from Destination Ashland. If we all get behind this energetic, visionary group, we’re going to see amazing things where we live. Mr. Graese took an opportunity to remind us all that internationally acclaimed consultant Roger Brooks, who our mayor Steve Gilmore and Mr. Graese facilitated coming to town, preached that politics must be left out of downtown development and revitalization for success to be realized.

Destination Ashland is hard at work as a result of Brooks’ enlightening three days of success-story presentations, to make Ashland one of those success stories! Mayor Gilmore’s Broadway Square, along with Mr. Graese’s leadership and enthusiasm, and his staff’s terrific work ethic and attention to detail, will be the just the start of wonderful things to come. I can hardly wait!

Kim Jenkins


Boyd going wet

would be overdue

I’m 73 years old ,and when I was in the eighth grade at Coles Junior High, we had an assignment to do about the city of Ashland and how it could be improved.

With my father’s help, I wrote about the cons of not being wet in Boyd County. On pay day, folks crossed the bridge to Ironton to get their beer for the weekend, and while out and about, they stopped and gassed up the car and then headed on over to Shaffer’s big store for the week’s groceries.

Then, just before heading to the bridge to go home, we’d stop at King’s Drive-In and get those wonderful footlong cheese coneys for the whole family.

Now with half the paycheck spent, we go home to Ashland, the city we love but don’t support. As I recall, I got a good grade on it! Here we are, 60 years later, trying to vote Boyd County wet. That is not exactly what I would call progress.

Bev Brown


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