Charles Romans wears a homemade mask.

The government is lifting some of our stay at home restrictions, but there is no excuse to go crazy here.  Remember to follow social distancing protocol (at least 6 feet between you and anyone else) and wear a facemask in public.  Still don’t have one?  Don’t worry, we’re going to make one together today.  There will be two options (one sewn and one no-sew) both will be amazingly simple to make.

Sewn version:


Cotton fabric (something strong like quilting fabric or cotton sheets works best)

Elastic (or rubber bands, hair bands, even string will work)


Sewing machine (or needle and thread)

Safety pin


Cut two 6 by 10-inch rectangles of fabric.  Lay one on top of the other wrong sides together and we will be sewing this as single piece of fabric now.

 Fold over the long sides ¼ inch and stitch down.

Fold over ½ inch on the short sides and stich down.

Cut a length of elastic about 6 inches long.  Attach the safety pin to one end of the elastic and work it through the casing you made on the short side of your mask.  Tie the ends tightly together and gently work the elastic around until the knot is hidden inside the casing.   Repeat for the other side.

If you are using string, cut the string long enough to go through the mask and tie behind your head. Attach it to the pin and pull it through the casing the same as for the elastic.

To use hair bands or rubber bands, you will need to lay them in place before sewing the shorter ends of your mask and then sew the casing around the band.

Non-sewing Version:



Ponytail bands or rubber bands


Fold your bandana in half.  

Fold each of the long sides down to the middle.

Pull each of the short ends through a rubber band, spacing them about 6 inches apart.

Fold the short ends toward the center and slightly tuck one end inside the other.

Put on your facemask and adjust for fit.  Gently pull the mask to spread it to cover your nose and mouth, the bands can be slid along the mask to make the fit better.

Be as stylish as you want to be!  Make masks to support your favorite teams, superheroes, or even cartoon character.  If you are an essential employee or getting ready to rejoin the work force, make masks to match your work smock or favorite work clothes.

Be creative and be safe out there!  Happy crafting.

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