There is no topic that is closer to our personal interests than health. Whether good, bad or somewhere along the spectrum in between, health affects everyone as well as those around us. It goes beyond whether or not we have achieved our “ideal” weight or fitness level because though achieving any ideal situation is desirable, life more often than not does not come with “ideal” anything.

Nor should it. Life changes too quickly for any single definition of ideal to remain accurate for long. On the subject of fitness, for instance, there is an often radical difference between books written by experts in the field as little as 10 years apart. Medical knowledge has improved as well, and continues to do so on a regular basis. New medicines are discovered and new treatment procedures are implemented across the globe, expanding our storehouse of knowledge about the human body and how it works. And as we learn how the body works, the means of healing damage from accidents and sickness grow. 

These things are part of the whole package that is life; and The Daily Independent’s weekly health section coming up, beginning this Tuesday, is going to be all about the things that keep us healthy. The newspaper will feature important topics like what actually constitutes a diet and how it can be something that improves our lives, rather than something we are forced to endure. The health section will cover things like how to recognize and understand staying balanced and mentally healthy or, when necessary, how to treat mental health issues in a dignified and compassionate way.

It will contain stories and information we can actually use, not cookie-cutter formulas that are only effective for a small percentage of the people who try to use them. Readers will be able to submit ideas for issues they want addressed instead of being forced to sift through a nearly limitless internet barrage to find something that applies to them. We want to know what will work for us, because the focus is going to be on local health.

And fun. It’s going to be fun, because who can truly be healthy if they aren’t having fun once in a while? There are enjoyable ways to achieve goals, and we will look for them and point them out. Along the way, we will bring you stories of friends and neighbors who overcame health issues and sickness, or simply made their lives better by improving their own health.

Reach CHARLES ROMANS at or (606) 326-2655.

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